AMI grant

“AMI” is the Aid to International Mobility grant proposed by the Ministry of Education, Higher Education and Research. It is open to students wishing to take a higher education course abroad or do an international internship.


The beneficiaries are students who are eligible for a grant according to the social criteria set by the Ministry of Higher Education OR beneficiaries of the emergency annual aid provided by the FNAU (national fund for emergency aid for students) AND who are studying for a national degree accredited by the Ministry of Higher Education

Conditions for obtaining a grant

  • The stay must be for at least 2 months and for 9 months at the most.
  • Destinations: worldwide, excluding France.
  • Selection according to the educational quality and interest of the student’s personal project, and its compliance with the international policy implemented by the establishment.
  • Grant awarded according to social criteria.
  • Beneficiary’s commitments: regular attendance, end-of-mobility certificate and report

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Information on AMI


In order to apply for a grant, contact the SUPMICROTECH-ENSMM International Relations department at:

relations.internationales [at]