A connected school

SUPMICROTECH-ENSMM has integrated the web and digital media in all its exchange, resource and information initiatives. Discover the scope of its services.

On a daily basis dwe

The Digital Work Environment (DWE) is a platform shared by the students and all the personnel at SUPMICROTECH-ENSMM.

Accessible via a secure interface, it makes it possible to consult the following on the spot or remotely:

  • The directory
  • Schedules and timetables
  • Your student file
  • Your marks
  • Internship offers
  • Document resources
  • Administrative information
  • Your messaging system and teaching platforms

Full wi-fi!

As soon as you arrive you will be given an access code for connecting up to the Wi-Fi network on all your mobile devices (computers, smartphones, tablets). With 30 access points all round the site, the school is covered practically everywhere.

You have to go to another school or university? You can log on in all the establishments that adhere to the Eduroam project (http://www.eduroam.fr/en/), with your usual login and password.

Self-service computers

There are several computer rooms that are freely accessible outside school hours. 130 computers equipped with a comprehensive up-to-date software offering (office software, Internet access, scientific software, etc.). These rooms also have video-projectors and printers.

Consultation terminals

These terminals complete what is on offer in the computer rooms and via Wi-Fi. You can stop off to quickly consult information or edit a document online.

In the library, they allow you to look for documentation references.


You can book a video-conference room for communicating remotely in the framework of:
  • internship or project presentations
  • following lectures
  • work meetings
  • interviews