European Master’s in Mechatronic Engineering

Veritable gateway to an international career, the European EU4M master’s is accredited by the European Commission/EACEA (Erasmus Mundus label). It trains high-level scientific staff and future researchers in tomorrow’s sciences and technologies, in a context associated with innovation and entrepreneurship.

A european dual degree


eu4m master's

This EU4M Master’s is open to all students who have obtained a Bachelor-level degree. To obtain the master’s degree with the European label, students must do the two years of Master’s training (3 semesters of classes + an internship) in at least two partner establishments - at least one of which must be a European establishment.

At the end of their training the students obtain a dual master’s degree issued by the two establishments they have attended

The partner universities

  • University of Oviedo (UNIOVI), Gijón, Espagne (Coordinator of the Master’s) ;
  • Ecole Nationale de Mécanique et des Microtechniques (SUPMICROTECH-ENSMM), Besançon, France ;
  • Hochschule de Karlsruhe (HSKa), Karlsruhe, Germany;
  • Ivanovo State Power Engineering University (ISPEU), Ivanovo, Russian Federation ;
  • NILE University, Cairo, Egypt.

What does the ERASMUS MUNDUS label mean ?

By accepting the Erasmus Mundus label, the EU4M consortium undertakes to meet the requirements and uphold the level of excellence expected of an Erasmus Mundus Master’s (consult the website).

Course organisation

The Master's comprises 2 years (M1 and M2) and 4 semesters. Each semester corresponds to 30 ECTS credits. 

The Master’s internship can be carried out in a company R&D department, in a laboratory in one of the five partner countries or in a laboratory of one of the associated partner universities..

Master's first year 

This is proposed in the following establishments : 

  • University of Oviedo (classes in Spanish)
  • Hochschule Karlsruhe (classes in German)
  • Nile University (classes in English)

Level B1 is required in the language of the chosen country. An intensive language course is provided at the start of the first semester. 

Master’s second year 

This is proposed in the following establishments with the corresponding specialities : 

  • SUPMICROTECH-ENSMM: Mechatronics - Robotics – Micromechatronics and Microsystems
  • Université of Oviedo: Analysis of Systems – Development of Mechatronic Production
  • Hochschule Karlsruhe: Efficient Energy – Micro- and Nanotechnologies - Automotive engineering and Robotics
  • Nile University: Industrial Engineering - Process Automation
  • Ivanovo State Power Engineering University: Automated Systems Engineering

The third-semester classes are conducted in the language of the chosen country, except for Egypt and Russia where the classes are in English. 

Choosing SUPMICROTECH-ENSMM for your EU4M master's

The specialities proposed by SUPMICROTECH-ENSMM in the areas of mechatronics, robotics, micromechatronics and microsystems are backed up by the classes taken in the framework of the national Master’s awarded by SUPMICROTECH-ENSMM in the Mechatronics and Microtechnologies speciality. 

A ‘French as a foreign language’ course is provided for foreign students during the first year of their Master’s and at the beginning of the third semester of the second year of the Master’s.

The internship can be done in the FEMTO-ST research institute (, in another laboratory or in a company


The EU4M Master’s is open to students who have at least a Bachelor’s degree in the specialities concerned.

You must submit your request for enrolment by filling in the application form given at

The selection is made by a jury consisting of professors from the partner establishments.

Enrolment fees

Non-European students : 9 000 € /an

European students : 4 500 € /an

Grants may be awarded. To find out more, consult the website

The Master’s internships done in a laboratory in France are paid €500/month (if longer than 2 months). They are paid at least €500 /month in French companies.