Training, apprenticeship & businesses

Apprenticeship, an asset for your success ! 

Choosing an apprenticeship with SUPMICROTECH-ENSMM, already means making a success of your orientation and favouring your integration in the corporate world.

The School proposes an apprenticeship course leading to an SUPMICROTECH-ENSMM engineering degree, in collaboration with the CFAI (Industrial Apprenticeship Training Centre), in the framework of ITII (Institute of industrial engineering techniques) training. This is a work/training course, carried out in the School and in a company, making it possible to obtain sound technical and managerial skills.

The strong ponts of apprenticeship

A diploma course

Apprenticeships provide training leading to a qualification that meets the needs of companies, with particular attention being paid to the apprentice’s professional project. The aid provided by the CFAI makes it possible to find a host company among the 130 partner businesses. 

Furthermore, this training is free thanks to the financial support provided by the course’s partners such as the Regional Council, the State and companies.

Win-win work/study training in the company

The route to success, work/study training places the apprentice in a real-life situation thanks to the support provided by an apprenticeship supervisor. Thus, the professional knowledge acquired is immediately put into practice in the company. In the end, the apprentice is more likely to find a job, as the operating logic behind this system is directly inspired by businesses.

Employee status

The apprentice has employee status and receives a remuneration determined as a percentage of the minimum wage. However, this remuneration may be higher if the company applies agreements (collective bargaining, professional or corporate agreement, etc.) proposing a higher minimum salary.

Advantages for the cmpany

The host company benefits from various employer and employee contribution exemptions, the Regional Apprentice Employment Incentive, and from an annual €1 600 tax credit for apprentices aged 18 and over. These incentives are paid by the Region’s general treasury fund, on the basis of the information provided by the department in charge of concluding the contract, by the employer and by the CFA.

Well-balanced training


Two key aspects

The course includes training directly related to the engineer’s development all along their career (innovation techniques in the company, economic intelligence, entrepreneurship, etc.), as well as tutored projects corresponding to real industrial problems.

Modular teaching

SUPMICROTECH-ENSMM uses inductive and interactive teaching methods, with a balanced training programme aiming to provide scientific and technical skills, as well as transversal skills (management, project management, English, etc.).

Study organisation

This is a three-year course, with a real alternation with the company, materialised by 1,800 hours of teaching and 3,000 hours spent in the company. All along the course, the apprentice is backed up by an apprenticeship supervisor and an academic tutor at the school.

A technological environment and special partnerships


This school dates back more than a century (creation of the Besançon Institute of Chronometry and Micromechanics in 1902), and its roots lie in the great Franche-Comté clockmaking tradition. Situated in the TEMIS technocentre, a scientific and technological environment on a European scale, the School houses some of the FEMTO-ST research laboratories (more than 700 people) specialised in the areas of mechanics, materials, mechatronics, electronics and acoustics, opto-electronics and time-frequency systems. 

SUPMICROTECH-ENSMM ensures the training of versatile engineers capable of working in the areas of research and development, design and production. Furthermore it is the only engineering school in France that focuses on microtechnologies.

CFAI Sud Franche-Comté

The CFAI Sud Franche-Comté apprentice training centre is specialised in industrial professions. It relies on close collaboration with employer and professional organisations. The training courses are provided there in partnership with high schools and training organisations in the Doubs and Jura départements. The engineering courses are given in partnership with SUPMICROTECH-ENSMM in Besançon.

The ITII national network

A national network for training engineers to meet the needs of businesses. There are 23 ITIIs in France specialising in mechanics, electronics, industrial engineering, production, maintenance, IT and telecommunications. 56 continuous training and apprenticeship options, and more than 1,500 engineers qualified each year.