Continuous training degree courses

It is possible to become an SUPMICROTECH-ENSMM engineer at any age. Continuous training is available for professionals wishing to progress in their functions, by acquiring new skills and, of course, obtaining a degree: the key for opening the door to great perspectives for progression. 

Three years' experience required

Continuous training is available for all holders of a Baccalaureate +2 years diploma (DUT, BTS, or equivalent) who also have at least three years’ professional experience on the date of their effective entry into the engineering school. 

Integration into the establishment comes after completion of a preparatory cycle. The rest of the studies (final cycle) is then merged into the last two years of the initial training cycle.

Complete trainng in two steps

1 / The preparatory cycle

The purpose of this cycle is to bring the applicant up to standard by giving them a reminder of some basic notions they may have forgotten over time and, if necessary, by completing their knowledge. This preparatory cycle also offers a good way of verifying their aptitude for pursuing the engineering course. 

The preparatory cycle is essentially organised around classes provided outside of the employee’s working hours. These classes are held at SUPMICROTECH-ENSMM on Saturdays and must be completed by personal work at home, with remote assistance from the teacher concerned. Part of the cycle, or even all of it, may be carried out remotely, on a case-by-case basis. 

2 / The final cycle

The final cycle invites the applicant back to the "academic" world to take a full-time course in the establishment. It is therefore essential to be able to put your professional activity on hold throughout this cycle.

The most effective solution is certainly the "Individual Training Leave" that all employees are entitled to (find out about this with the training fund management organisation concerned, e.g.: FONGECIF).

So committing yourself to this continuous training degree course means you must plan ahead. It is essential to draw up a real personalised training plan, both regarding your personal fulfilment, and the financial aspect.

The course

And the outcome : the SUPMICROTECH-ENSMM degree

The engineering degree obtained at the end of this cycle is identical to the one awarded for the initial training course.
There is no particular indication to differentiate between them.

The training cycles in detail

The preparatory cycle

Enrolment dossier

Access to the preparatory cycle depends on the dossier submitted by the applicant. This dossier must be submitted to SUPMICROTECH-ENSMM before the end of June, and must describe the applicant’s career, both academic and professional. The goal being to appreciate their motivations and the coherence of their professional career with the school’s specialities.
A decision regarding the application will be given before mid-July.


The preparatory cycle is organised over one academic year, from September through to the following June. 

The programme 

The programme hinges around two linchpins: mathematics and theoretical mechanics. In addition to these fundamental disciplines, there are other engineering science disciplines, making it possible to broaden the spectrum of the students’ knowledge.

Tests are held regularly all along the preparatory cycle. They allow each student to situate their degree of progress, and the instructors to assess it. 

A jury session is organised in January to make it possible to identify any problems. A final jury session is held in June to authorise access to the final cycle, or not.

The final cycle


The final cycle merges into the last two years of SUPMICROTECH-ENSMM training.

Final cycle 1

  • September to mid-February 15 specific days (Mechanical Construction, IT, Electronics…) then academic semester with the second-year half-class ongoing at SUPMICROTECH-ENSMM.
  • mid-February to June (or later): engineering internship semester, counting as End-of-Studies Project

Final cycle 2

  • September to mid-February: academic semester in one of the school’s options.

    The degree jury session is held in mid-February.

Enrolment dossier

To gain access to the preparatory cycle, you must complete a dossier (available at the secretariat of the continuous training department).
You must submit your application to SUPMICROTECH-ENSMM before the end of June.

This dossier must describe your career, both academic and professional. The goal being to appreciate your motivations and the coherence of your professional career with the school’s specialities. 

A decision regarding the dossier will be given before mid-July.

Enrolment dossier to be requested from the secretariat of the SUPMICROTECH-ENSMM Continuous Training department : 
Tél. 03 81 40 27 32
Fax : 03 81 80 98 70
formation.continue [at]

Cost of the training

In addition to the cost of the preparatory cycle (cost of training) there are the enrolment fees which must be paid during the autumn at the beginning of the academic year. For the engineering cycle, the salary and training costs during the student’s time in the establishment are, as a general rule, borne (in all or in part depending on the student’s income) by their company and/or by the organisation that manages the vocational training funds.

During the company internship, the employee must take responsibility for themselves (except if they receive internship indemnities, or can negotiate an agreement with their company of origin).
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