Online courses

STAMP : Favouring the practical aspect

In order to maximise the use of various digital tools, the school places the services of SUN&TICE (Digital Usages & Information and Communication Technologies for Education Department) at the disposal of its students and staff. In other words, they have assistance and support for mastering the tools proposed by SUPMICROTECH-ENSMM in the framework of their educational pathway.

The school anywhere, anytime !

At the present time, more than one thousand documents are accessible online: this consists of all of SUPMICROTECH-ENSMM’s teaching-related resources. All students, whatever the type of course they are taking (initial, apprenticeship, continuous), can consult them. 

Everyone can therefore access the complete programme regarding their training online: course material and additional documents (exam subjects and model answers, tutorials and practicals, web references, etc.) as well as courseware, for self-teaching on the self-service software used at the school.

SUPMICROTECH-ENSMM uses Moodle for sharing these resources: this is the most widely used opensource solution in higher education establishments, offering vast possibilities (online courses, workshops, lessons, multiple-choice questionnaires, surveys, etc.) and a high-performance broadcasting system (virtual classroom, integrated messaging system, forum, etc.).

Recording studio and control room

In order to encourage the creation of audio and video educational resources, SUN&TICE places an audiovisual studio at the disposal of the students and staff, allowing them to take synchronised screenshots (screencasts) between a presentation medium and an oral commentary.

The studio also has a podcast-type digital recorder, webconference camera with face tracking and more conventional audiovisual equipment: video (2 camcorders) and audio (3 microphones) for various utilisations: interview simulation, video CV, interviews, etc.

Furthermore, SUPMICROTECH-ENSMM’s great amphitheatre has a multi-camera production room making it possible to record the lectures, conferences and events held there.

INWICAST : online classes and videos

In order to complete the teaching resources available on Moodle, SUPMICROTECH-ENSMM also proposes a web platform for broadcasting videos and podcasts online: INWICAST mediacenter. This is a veritable video media library that can be enhanced with related documents and weblinks in order to create Rich Media-type enhanced content.

Students at the forefront

All along their course, the students carry out collective interdisciplinary engineering and innovation projects, which they must defend before a jury of teachers and partners from industry.

The various subjects proposed in the area of Information and Communication Technologies for Education (design of tutorials, production of educational videos, creation of Rich Media-type contents, etc.) make it possible to capitalise and highlight the students’ work while creating a veritable documentation bank.