A rich network of clubs and societies

The graduates are unanimous. The thing they remember about their studies is the extremely varied and enriching network of clubs and societies. Initiatives that create an agreeable everyday life and, above all, that greatly helps new students to fit in !


The clubs and societies

Leisure, science, sports, culture, solidarity ...

The large number of clubs and societies at SUPMICROTECH-ENSMM have got what it takes to satisfy every whim and passion. Each year they propose new group projects, governed by a spirit of initiative. In fact a certain number of clubs and societies have seen the light of day thanks to year-2 or year-3 students who have acquired a certain degree of maturity concerning administrative management, but not only. That’s how SUPMICROTECH-ENSMM saw the birth this year of µ-tennis and µ-terroir, two clubs managed by year-1 students.



BDE - The Student's Office

Discover in detail all the BDE’s activities with the outings it organises, its leisure activities and its many sports, technical and cultural clubs, etc.

The plaquette Alpha magazine

Une plaquette réalisée entièrement par les élèves pour vous présenter les différents clubs et associations de l'école !

l'association de rugby

L'association de rugby de l'école propose un site donnant accès aux informations de l'association tant sur le plan sportif que sur le plan associatif.



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The sports clubs organise tournaments in the school, and also with the other corporations all around France. Conviviality and a sense of community ensure the success of these clubs. It is notably thanks to them that SUPMICROTECH-ENSMM takes part, for example, in the Ovalies and TOSS tournaments.

Leisure in the broadest sense

The entertainment and leisure clubs have a truly vast area of activity. From the ski excursion organised by µ-ski, to organising the prestige annual gala, these clubs keep a large number of students busy, both running the event and taking part in it.



Engineering and excellence

The engineering-related technical clubs contribute to broadening the students’ field of view, by proposing projects that are as interesting as they are ambitious. They allow the students to put into practice the knowledge they have acquired during their training and forge a team spirit through planned initiatives. This is how, for example, that µ-chrono set itself the goal, among other things, of creating a Franche-Comté clock from scratch for the entrance lobby. From the specifications through to the final clock, including the prototypes, these concrete and complete applications allow the students to tackle the typical tasks of an engineer in an enjoyable way.

Humanitarian organisations and solidarity

The humanitarian organisations offer the students the opportunity to carry out projects for developing nations. They can make the most of their knowledge for missions making it possible to discover new countries and cultures: putting the future engineers’ talent to the test by putting all they’ve got into improving the world.

So, the goal of "Ingénieur Sans Frontière" is to create technical resources for helping a population. As for the 4L Trophy club, it distributes school material at the time of a rally in the Moroccan desert. And, not far from the school, the Cordées de la Réussite club proposes outings for young schoolchildren from underprivileged backgrounds, supervised by SUPMICROTECH-ENSMM students.


Annual gala

The year’s grandiose event

A prestige evening bringing together more than 1,200 people, with all of the years’ graduates, former students who do not hesitate to come back to their alma mater, and even some SUPMICROTECH-ENSMM teachers and staff.

The club is taken over each year by a super-motivated team, always ready to take up the challenge by proposing an original theme year after year.


Presentation of the 2018 gala

 The past years...