Research Master's

The school supports young future researchers by proposing training courses tailored to their needs in facilities at the cutting edge of research ! The additional training provided by the Master’s Degree allows SUPMICROTECH-ENSMM students to steer their professional project towards R&D engineering professions in industrial groups, or research engineering in laboratories.


Initial Training Leading to a Master’s Degree :

SUPMICROTECH-ENSMM is accredited for granting Master’s Degrees in the areas of Sciences-Technologies-Health with three different options.

These masters are open to students in parallel with their third year of engineering training. They are closely tied in with the FEMTO-ST Institute’s research activities.

Enrolment procedure

You must submit your application to enrol on a Master’s course at the end of your second year of engineering studies and at the same time as you choose your option for the third year of your engineering course. You will receive a document directly from the Studies Department, that you must fill in to indicate your choices.


Complex systems engineering option

Master's in mechatronics, preocess and microtechnology

 Content and organisation of the specialities

Enrolment procedure

Master’s degrees are open to foreign students who have a Bachelor’s degree in the specialities concerned.
The students are recruited according to different procedures according to their country of origin :

For European students, the procedure is as follows :

  1. Download and save the enrolment file AND the application procedure in English.
  2. Rename the document Application-form-Master2MA.xls in the following form : MASTER2MA-NAME-Surname.xls
  3. Fill in all the sections directly in the .xls file, without forgetting your information.
  4. Send the excel document by email obligatorily, as soon as possible to : scolarite [at]

For students from outside Europe, consult the Campus France website to see the enrolment procedures :
(or copy and paste this link:

EU4M european Master's in mechatronic engineering

Content and organisation

Enrolment procedure

You must submit your request for enrolment by filling in the application form and following the instructions given on

Master's Microsystems, embedded instrumentation and robotics

Co-accredited with the University of Franche-Comté - UFC

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Mechanical engineering option

Master's in processes and materials

Co-accredited with the University of Burgundy-UB
And the Technology University of Belfort-Montbéliard-UTBM

Master's in mechanical design, material and microsystems



Mechanics option

Master's in mechanics and engineering-research and innovation

Co-accredited with the University of Franche-Comté-UFC and
the University of Burgundy-UB

List of master's courses

List of all the courses leading to a French national master’s degree proposed by the 5,000 higher education establishments at

This portal offers you complete and up-to-date information on the reception capacities, recommended degree options and access procedures for each course. This will allow you to find the master’s degrees that correspond best to your study project, and to make an informed choice and thus improve your chances of being accepted for the first year.