Preparing your mobility

The keys to success

International mobility is a compulsory component of your course, and it’s something you must think about and organise a long time in advance. A poorly thought-out departure organised at the last moment can often be a source of disappointment or even of failure.

By preparing your international mobility in “project” mode you can construct a project that is in line with your training and your professional and personal goals.

Paradoxically, internationalisation therefore starts… at home

There are four major steps when preparing your international mobility, these are the keys to successful mobility.

Step 1 : Find out

Finding out about international mobility, that’s easy !

There are many sources of information at the students’ disposal, such as the International Relations department’s information meetings, the information sheets on the international partners, the Company Relations Centre for internships, the students who have returned from mobility, the school’s library.

Meeting the international students who are studying at SUPMICROTECH-ENSMM

They are living a mobility and you can talk with them about their experience. They are also an ideal source of information on their country of origin.

STEP 2 : Build your project

Building your personal project means being a player in your mobility, by answering the questions: what are my goals, my priorities, my resources, my constraints, my needs?

By clarifying your goals you will be able to determine your priorities and the type of mobility you are looking for: dual degree, internship or study mobility and in which country or environment (Europe, outside Europe, industrial or research laboratory internship, semester of university studies).

The next phase is the review of your resources/constraints and planning (language skills required, looking for the internship, information on the host establishments and the destination countries, cost of mobility, funding).

Étape 3 : La recherche

Studies mobility

A dual diploma or a studies mobility can only be done in the framework of an exchange agreement between SUPMICROTECH-ENSMM and its international partners.

The application dossier must be submitted to the International Relations department.
It is subject to selection by SUPMICROTECH-ENSMM and the host establishment.

Internships in companies

The student is responsible for looking for the internship.

The offers for international internships in companies that are received at SUPMICROTECH-ENSMM are put online once they have been approved.
The offers for internships in university laboratories are also made known. They are few and far between in view of the number of applicants.

The applicants are subject to a selection procedure by SUPMICROTECH-ENSMM and the host establishment.

STEp 4 : Prepare your departure

Caution !

Your departure on international mobility depends on the complete validation of your previous semesters or years.

Before your departure,

complete the following formalities:

  • Administrative formalities enrolment at SUPMICROTECH-ENSMM, passport, social security, visa, insurance (civil liability, illness, repatriation, industrial accident), enrolment at the host establishment.
  • Educational formalities drawing up and signing the international studies contract or the internship agreement.
  • Financial formalities forecast budget, grant application.
  • Health formalities vaccines, medicines to take with you.