A history dating back more than a century for a school anchored in its region, that has managed to consolidate its position and cultivate excellence in the areas of science and technology.

  • 1902
    The first engineering degree was awarded to Mr Julian by what was then called the Chronometry Laboratory.
  • 1927
    Jules Haag founded the Besançon Institute of Chronometry and Micromechanics, accredited for awarding an ‘art of clockmaking’ degree with two different options, clockmaker engineer and clockmaker mechanical engineer.
  • 1961
    The Institute of Chronometry  - now directed by Pierre Mesnage - became ENSCMB, the Besançon Higher National School of Chronometry and Micromechanics, awarding degrees to around ten engineers each year.
  • 1980
    Under the leadership of its director, Raymond Chaléat and further to the development of its personnel and research laboratories, ENSCMB changed its name to SUPMICROTECH-ENSMM, the Higher National School of Mechanics and Microtechnologies.
  • 1995
    Thanks to the action of Jean Louis Vaterkowski, director since 1985, SUPMICROTECH-ENSMM then had an impressive new building located in the future TEMIS scientific and industrial park. Four hundred students were then welcomed at the school.
  • 2002
    One century of history. Jean Claude Gelin, appointed director in 1998, strived to increase the headcount and develop the school’s international relations.
  • 2009
    Bernard Cretin, a former SUPMICROTECH-ENSMM student, became director and inaugurated the expanded premises, placed at the disposal of 850 students for the 2011-12 academic year.

    Pascal Vairac, was appointed director of the school for a five-year term (renewable once) running from 25 January 2019.