The apprenticeship route to becoming an engineer

Choosing an apprenticeship, already means making a success of your orientation and favouring your integration in the corporate world.



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Training in a company

Gradual acquisition of skills in the company.

1st year : discovering the company and its environment, structure, technological resources, products, human resource practices, and administrative structure.

2nd year : skills required to conduct a technical project, solve concrete problems. 

3rd year : skills required to become a confirmed engineer. 

On completion of these three years, the apprentice must have completed the complete skills matrix during their times in the company.


The time spent in the company is the subject of a report that must be defended before a jury at the end of the year.

The main skills expected in the company are as follows :

  • applying the theoretical and technical lessons learnt,
  • mastering the deployment of quality/environment/ safety,
  • knowing how to direct a team,
  • operating in an international context,
  • mastering communication techniques,
  • demonstrating an ability to manage innovation,
  • mastering management tools.

After the enginering degree

Most apprentices enter into active life.

Their profile and the experience they have gained are much appreciated in industry.

The course

Two specialities


Course content, Mechanics option

Microtechnology and design

Course content, spécialité Microtechnology and Design option