FAST, short training course

Training to meet the needs of companies directly

FAST is a short-duration means of training that allows the employees of a company or independent professionals to acquire skills quickly, enabling them to progress in their functions. It is directly in line with businesses’ needs for efficiency and competitiveness.

à la carte trainig

FAST training can be provided at SUPMICROTECH-ENSMM, or by our establishment in the company, benefiting from the same organisational methods.

You can choose your course in the training catalogue, or ask for a made-to-measure adaptation to meet your needs.

More than a hundred technicians and engineers benefit each year from this training, which is also eligible for the conventional vocational training schemes (with, in particular, the Personal Training Account).

Multiple disciplines

  • Engineering sciences (mechanics, automation, electronics, IT)
  • Industrial IT and embedded systems
  • Robotics
  • Production engineering
  • Mathematics for the engineer
  • Signal and image processing
  • Microtechnology
  • Gemmology and methodologies for the luxury and precision sectors
  • Micro-manufacturing and clean room techniques

The courses cover not only the scientific and technical skills, but also the transverse skills essential for today’s engineer: management, project management and foreign languages.