Making a success of your mobility

Seeing the world in the original version


Making a success of your international mobility...

means building a project that is coherent with your training and your professional and personal goals,

means perfecting your mastery of a foreign language, experiencing new educational and industrial approaches, developing your network,

means living an unforgettable human and cultural adventure in total immersion in the host country.

In the framework of the engineering course a period of at least 3 months’ international mobility is compulsory.

Although SUPMICROTECH-ENSMM engineering students are the main player in their own mobility, they are also backed up in their project by the International Relations department, the Modern Languages department and the Company Relations Centre.

This mobility can be carried out in the form of internships or study semesters with one of SUPMICROTECH-ENSMM’s partners, or in the framework of a dual degree.

  • 3 Months minimum internationally

 The keys to a successful mobility

Preparing your mobility

Prepare your mobility to give yourself the means for making a success of your time spent abroad by answering some key questions

  • What are the decisive parameters for my mobility project?
  • From the point of view of my training, and my professional and personal goals
  • What type of mobility?
  • A dual degree, an internship or study period?
  • What destination?
  • In Europe or in the rest of the world?
  • At what time during my studies?
  • What administrative formalities, and when?

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Highlighting your mobility

Highlighting your mobility to make known the international experience you have gained and its benefits.

Un séjour à l’international intégré aux études est l’occasion d’acquérir des compétences transférables et une expérience "en V.O."

A stay abroad integrated in your studies provides the opportunity to acquire transferable skills and an experience “in the original version”

It is important to make known what “know-how” you have acquired such as working in an intercultural team to underline the originality of your profile or facilitate your recruitment.

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