Apprenticeship training : FAQ

Welcome to the Frequently Asked Questions about training to become an engineer through an apprenticeship at SUPMICROTECH-ENSMM. Below you will find the answers to the questions that are often asked. 

If you do not find THE answer to your question, don’t hesitate to contact us !


What is the selection procedure ?
The recruiting process is based on your dossier with a baccalaureate+2 years qualification (dossier to be downloaded from the SUPMICROTECH-ENSMM or CFAI website). Enrolment page.
An interview with a jury of professionals is organised to measure the applicant’s motivation, along with psycho-technical tests and maths and English tests.
What are the preferred qualifications ?
Holders (tops of the class) of DUT GMP and GIM, of BTS ATI, CIM, CIP, IPM and Plastics processing, vocational degree or a Master’s.
Other situations can be considered and all the dossiers are examined.
As a holder of a master’s 2, do I have to fill out the studies continuation notification that is included in the enrolment dossier ?
Yes, that will be a plus for your dossier.
When must I send my dossier ?
The selection interviews start in March and end in June. So do not delay sending your dossier to CFAI, 8 avenue des Montboucons, 25000 BESANCON, as early as the month of February.
Can you confirm the deadline for submitting the dossiers as well as the dates of the interview and of the written exams ?
The deadline for receiving the dossier is set at the end of May.
The dates for the exams are set according to the dossiers received (4 sessions are scheduled between March and June).
What subjects must I prepare for the written exams, and are they of a general nature, technical... ?
There are written exams in maths and English, a personality test and a motivation assessment interview on the menu for the selection day.
The DUT GMP syllabus is typical of what you should prepare.
Is the number of places limited ?
The number of places is currently set at 28 for the Mechanics course and at 14 for the Microtechnology and Design course.
Do you have an open day every year ?
SUPMICROTECH-ENSMM organises an Open Day every year, on a Saturday in March from 10am to 6pm (the Saturday around the 15 March).
Another Open Day is organised at the time of the national science festival week, and another one in October. (2nd or 3rd Saturday in October)
CFAI holds its Open Days in February, March and June.


What professions do these studies lead to?
For the M&D course : design office, R&D or other clockmaking sectors, high-precision industries, jewellery, etc.
For the mechanics course : industrialisation methods office, quality manager, production manager (automotive, aeronautics, etc.).
Are there real perspectives on completion of this training?
With an employment rate of 93% in the three months that follow completion of the training, the integration rate is largely positive.
It should also be noted that students are often offered a job directly at the end of their apprenticeship contract in the host company.

The company

Is it compulsory to find a company before starting the work-study training, or is this just highly recommended ? 
It is highly recommended.
Concerning work-study training, do you have partner companies  ? 
CFAI has a number of contacts with partner companies and can help you look for one.
Does the company necessarily have to be in the same region as the school ? 
There is no obligation regarding proximity.
Is it also possible to look for a Swiss company ? 
Yes, but the priority will be given to French companies.


Is there a possibility of being housed ?
Yes, contact CFAI which has an accommodation list.

Period abroad

Is there a period that has to be spent abroad ?
All students must have completed an accumulated international mobility period of at least three months.
As this is a work-study training course you can, if the company has a subsidiary abroad, carry out a period abroad with the agreement of your company.
A language stay in Great Britain can be organised, on the CFAI’s initiative, when funding is possible.

Atypical pathway 

Can I come to this school in view of my previous studies?
Certain qualifications are not so likely to be accepted if they do not correspond to our core target, but if you have excellent results and a very real motivation, nothing is impossible.
Do you accept students who have done CPGE (Engineering School Preparatory Classes) ? 
Indeed we do, CPGE students have submitted dossiers in the past and been accepted, as the recruitment criterion is baccalaureate + 2 years, you can apply without any hesitation.