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Smart INN

Systems based on rupture materials, innovative technological principles and tools for new passive acoustic-electrical components for telecommunications, on-board radio-frequency systems and signal processing of the future.


Passive components functioning at frequencies covering the VHF (30 – 300 MHz) and UHF (300 MHz – 3 GHz) bands are required for the development of systems for mobile telecommunications for professionals and the general public as well as for on-board high-resolution detection (Radar applications). Given the state of the art, technical specifications and dimensional constraints generally imposed for this type of application, only a guided elastic wave passive component makes it possible to envisage a viable solution.

In this context, a number of industrial companies in Franche-Comté have grouped their skills together and pooled their development tools in order to innovate in the area of acoustic-electrical radio-frequency components, broaden their commercial proposal and make their offers bear their fruit in a coordinated way. In order to meet these different goals, they are working with the support of the FEMTO-ST Institute and the Cristal-Innov platform (Rhône-Alpes) and developing the SMART-INN research project over the long term and  organising themselves around clearly defined initiatives through specific sub-projects.

The current limits of passive RF components are of various types. They are in part the result of our incomplete knowledge of certain properties of the matter playing a key role in the use that is made of them for generating, filtering and stabilising frequencies, with a technology which, although it has been pushed to its limits, can also benefit from significant advances; they are also the result of the very nature of the materials and their effective properties which, if they are to be further improved, will require the development and industrialisation of new crystals, or new combinations of materials.

The technologies used to form them also play a central role in the quality of these materials, reinforced by an effective optimisation of the functions performed by the components and the systems that exploit them. In order to be able to propose a complete range, covering the major part of the current demand and preparing the markets of the future, progress must be made in all these fields in parallel and in synergy, by implementing a work programme whose transversality - capable of meeting these challenges - is guaranteed by the partnership thus put in place.


September 2015/June 2019


AR-Electronique, frec|n|sys, Snowray, MyOCCS, Digital Surf

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