A word from the director

An ambitious engineering school

As a sign of the real recognition of its reputation regarding both its engineers’ multidisciplinary skills, and the international reputation of FEMTO-ST, its cutting edge laboratory, SUPMICROTECH-ENSMM has changed status. It is now an EPCSCP (Public Scientific, Cultural and Professional Establishment), with more than 250 engineers graduating every year.

Microtechnologies, a real asset

SUPMICROTECH-ENSMM’s microtechnology-oriented training is unique in Europe. It combines engineering going from micromechanical systems to acoustic-optical-electronic microsystems for designing and making the products of the future. The engineers trained here are particularly sought-after by the transport sectors, mainly in the areas of aeronautics and the automotive industry, and also of luxury goods and precision engineering, instrumentation and health.
In addition to the versatile nature of their profile, our engineers are open to the world and are at the heart of today’s and tomorrow’s industrial problems. They are prepared for this all along their training, in particular thanks to innovative teaching focusing on project-based learning.

Future students

Come and discover SUPMICROTECH-ENSMM and the charms of its surrounding region. Here you will find all the reasons for your fulfilment, whether in your training or in your extracurricular activities. Do not hesitate to join us for the next academic year, we will be delighted to welcome you.