Mechanical training

Mechanical Engineer: Apprenticeship-based training directly related to the needs of cutting-edge industries !

Franche-Comté is home to some of the largest businesses in the land transport (automotive, railways) and energy sectors along with their top-tier subcontractors, which export worldwide.

At the heart of mechanical production & microtechnology systems

A comprehensive programme

The training takes place both at CFAI and SUPMICROTECH-ENSMM. It covers the following subjects :

Engineering sciences and techniques : 

  • mechanics, 
  • computer-integrated manufacturing, 
  • electronics and electrical engineering, 
  • mathematics,  
  • IT, 
  • materials, 
  • automated industrial systems.

Engineering methodologies :

  • quality, 
  • organisation, 
  • maintenance, 
  • safety, 
  • environnement, 
  • ergonomics.

Humanities, economic and social sciences, managerial training : 

  • management of human resources, 
  • management, 
  • project management, 
  • cost control, 
  • management of indicators, 
  • accountancy, 
  • innovation.

Modern languages :

  • English

Functions of the engineer

  • Knowing how to introduce technological innovation into the means and processes of production
  • Steering production programmes in line with the quantity, quality, costs and lead-time requirements
  • Putting the industrialisation of new product ranges and new production management systems in place
  • Optimising all the productive and functional processes
  • Ensuring the good coordination between production and the support services
  • Planning and organising the work of the production teams, ensuring compliance with the safety rules and respect for the environment
  • Knowing how to manage teams (HR) and operate in an international context

Main skills expected in business

  • Applying the theoretical and technical lessons learnt
  • Mastering the deployment of quality - environment - safety
  • Knowing how to direct a team
  • Working in an international context
  • Mastering the communication techniques
  • Demonstrating an ability to manage innovation
  • Mastering management tools


These engineering graduates are recruited by the land transport (automotive, railways), aeronautics and energy sectors, and by their top-tier subcontractors.

They occupy Production management, methods office and quality functions.



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