Enrolling for apprenticeship training

Enrolment procedure

Here you can see all the steps required for completing your enrolment at SUPMICROTECH-ENSMM and seize the opportunity to take your apprenticeship training there. Apprenticeship students take the course at SUPMICROTECH-ENSMM and at the Besançon CFAI (Apprentice Training Centre).

Admission criteria

  • You must have a Baccalaureate + 2 years level qualification: BTS, DUT, Licence ≥2 or an equivalent level;
  • Be aged under 30 at the start of the course ;
  • Be in a position to sign an apprenticeship contract with a company after pre-selection of your application by ITII (Industrial Engineering Technology Institute).

Required qualifications

SUPMICROTECH-ENSMM recruits holders of the following qualifications:

  • DUT GMP (Génie Mécanique et productique),
  • DUT GIM (Génie Industriel et Maintenance),
  • BTS ATI (Assistant Technique d’ingénieur),
  • BTS CIM (Conception et Industrialisation en Microtechniques), 
  • CPI (Conception de Produits Industriels), 
  • IPM (Industrialisation des produits mécanique) et Plasturgie, 
  • Licence professionnelle ou Master 1,
  • Other case: examination of your dossier.


Admission is decided on examination of the applicant’s dossier, followed by written exams and an interview with a jury of professionals to assess your motivation, along with maths, English and psycho-technological tests.

Four recruitment sessions are proposed: March, April, May and June.

The number of places is limited.

Two specialisations are proposed


Enrolment for ITII (Industrial Engineering Technology Institute) training must be done online.

You must enrol as soon as possible, even if to begin with you do not have a host company.

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