REFIMEVE+ project


The REFIMEVE+ Europe+ Metrological Fibre Network project relies on a worldwide scientific first: the long-distance transfer of an ultra-stable optical frequency on an Internet network without disturbing the traffic.


In the time-frequency domain, FEMTO-ST is a partner in the REFIMEVE+ project which will enable the French agencies and laboratories involved in this area to have a frequency reference at their disposal provided by SYRTE (Paris Observatory).

This distribution is ensured by the RENATER optical fibre network. In Besançon, the FEMTO-ST Institute - one of the major players in Time/Frequency metrology - will be one of this network’s key nodes alongside UTINAM. The Institute will thus have the reference signals it needs to pursue its research on ultra-stable oscillators and clocks, and also to extend its accredited service activity for calibrating frequency sources.

The implementation of this large network will also make it possible to conduct original scientific experiments. For example, it can be used as a gigantic Sagnac-effect rate gyroscope that can be used to measure the Earth’s rotation and its irregularities with unrivalled accuracy, or to study the forces at the origin of earthquakes.

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PIA 2012-2019


PARIS 13 University / Laser Physics Laboratory - LPL
Time-Space Reference System - SYRTE
RENATER French National Telecommunications Network for Technology, Education and Research - RENATER
Kastler Brossel Laboratory - LKB
Optical Institute Charles Fabry Laboratory - LCFIO
Orsay Institute of Molecular Sciences - ISMO
Astroparticle and Cosmology - APC
Molecular Physics Laboratory for the Atmosphere and Astrophysics - LPMAA
Aimé Cotton Laboratory - LAC
Physics of Ionic and Molecular Interactions -PIIM
Collisions Aggregates Reactivity Laboratory - LCAR
Universe, Transport, Interfaces, Nanostructures, Atmosphere and environment, Molecules - UTINAM
Franche Comté Electronics Mechanics Thermics and Optics - Sciences and Technologies - FEMTO-ST
Nançay Radioastronomy Station - USN
Physics of Lasers, Atoms and Molecules Laboratory - PhLAM
Photonics, Numerical and Nanosciences Laboratory - LP2N
Azur Earth Sciences - GEOAZUR
Relativist Astrophysics, Theories, Experiments, Metrology, Instrumentation, Signals - ARTEMIS
Interdisciplinary Physics Laboratory - LIPhy
Toulouse Space Centre - CNES-CST


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